About me…


As you can see you have a teacher who loves COLORS!!! yeah!! they are amazing!!! Well, I want to share with you a space where you and me can practice more if it is necessary, if we couldn’t understand very well at school or if I want to practice more than we did at class, this is the space to do it!Ok!

Who am I? I’m a person who takes care of everything, I love to work as much as possible, I always try to do everything in the best way, I like to work with people, I love to share my things, I want to learn from others, I love to have fun and enjoy my life!!!

I love to dance, so all of us are going to have fun during classes, probably all of us are going to learn to dance!!!Awesome!!!Don’t you think so?

So, I hope you can enjoy my classes and you can share something with me too,ok?




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